It is well known that relaxing sleep is one of the best ways to recover from stress and illness and is essential to our overall health and well being. Floating in our floatation pod is even more relaxing and beneficial than this! The magnesium sulfate infused water not only provides you with key minerals, it also helps detoxify the body, calm the nervous system, and creates a level of weightlessness that allows your body the ability to fully relax. This natural decompression assists in relieving the constant pressures on your bones, joints, and soft tissues. With this positive chain reaction, immune function is increased and blood pressure is decreased, helping tissue repair and full body healing.

Joe Rogan on Floating

Conditions improved by Floating





Chronic Pain


High Blood Pressure


Muscle Cramping

Muscle Spasms

Panic Attacks

Symptoms of PMS


Jet Lag


as seen on the Dr. Oz show

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